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Superior Stretch


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A universal stretching and strengthening system.

The SuperiorBand® (Green) is the Dry Natural Rubber (DNR) Elastic Stretch Loop Band with Micro-Ridge Anti-Slip Technology used by thousands of students and professionals involved in Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Gymnastics and other performance sports requiring a high degree of flexibility training.


The SuperiorBand®  helps you stretch farther when you add it to your warm-up stretching positions. Use it before every practice to increase your stretching motion. The SuperiorBand® works for both static (hold) and dynamic (moving) stretching.


The SuperiorBand® can also be used to strengthen key muscles. From lunges to leg lifts, the SuperiorBand® is the ultimate sculpting tool for your upper and lower body resistance training. The SuperiorBand® targets specific muscle groups and boosts your endurance for incredible, muscle strengthening results. Use it to strengthen you legs, back, arms and more.

Note: Recommended stretching programs with the SuperiorBand®  will vary depending on the one’s age, skill level, fitness level and activity being trained for.

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