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Audrey is a shorter Standard skirt that is ever so cute and feminine! Pair with a leotard, turtleneck or even a button down shirt and you are ready to go!

Primarily a made-to-order design, please allow 4-12 weeks for non-stock colors/sizes. For immediate shipment stock availability please contact us. 

VEdance women's apparel may come plain or with Preciosa-stoned sparkle and may be used for practice, competition, dance class, socials, clubs, weddings, showcase and formation team. 

To see our complete selection of syllabus competition wear, please click the "Syllabus" tag. Note: Certain competitions do not allow the use of satin, stones or materials that reflect light. Please contact the competition you are attending for costume rules and regulations. 

Many designs may be produced in children's sizes. Adult XXS, XS and XXL are custom sizes and may not be returned. For specific custom sizes, please fill out your personal measurement profile. Some products may be produced in custom colors. For non-stock items, production is approximately 4-12 weeks. If you have a concern about the arrival for a particular event, please chat or email us and we can direct you to stock items.

Additional Info
Fabrics are usually stretchy
Waist 61CM 66CM 75CM 81CM 89CM
Hip 89CM 95CM 100CM 106CM 117CM
Height 160CM 165CM 170CM 175CM 180CM
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Price Return policy Colors Base Materials Size Stone Qty
$139.00 $99.00
+ $9.95 domestic
+ $35.95 international
No return Orange Nylon S None
$139.00 $99.00
+ $9.95 domestic
+ $35.95 international
No return Blue Nylon S None
$139.00 $99.00
+ $9.95 domestic
+ $35.95 international
No return Indigo Nylon S None
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