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Heather Split IDS Dog

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'Shoe Dog' is the latest limited edition 'Heather Split' print and it's the most unique! IDS have put the photos of the two dogs of their owners onto a shoe! It features Jenson (baby Cocker Spaniel) and Roxy (Golden Retriever) on an amazing print which when launched at the 2017 Blackpool Dance Festivals brought joy, smiles and sales! A version two will be coming soon once they work out a way to include Crumble - the dog of Neil & Katya Jones! This shoe received so much love due to it's character and uniqueness! The ‘Heather Split’ is a Split-Sole teaching and practice shoe and is widely used across all levels of dancing around the world. It offers comfort, stability and super flexibility is perfect for a shoe that’s worn more than any other shoe for many dancers. Perfect for the long hours spent teaching and practicing.

  • Limited Edition with UK Professional Latin & World Showdance Champion, Katya Jones
  • Ultra flexible with a Split-Sole design
  • New heel design bringing sole material over the back of the heel, offering a smoother drag and greater protection
  • Low heel for a broader array of dancing and greater balance
  • Lightweight
  • Gel padding for enhanced support and comfort
  • Adaptable, used for many forms of dance as well as practice and teaching
  • Made in England

Worn by: Katya Jones (UK Professional Latin Champion).


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