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VE Prince Tail Suit

Design Details

VEdance's top signature tail suit in the VE Royal line.

Made from a premium 4-way stretch fabric in Midnight Black, this tail is sure to impress. Set includes tail suit, complementary white shirt with collar, built in suspenders (removable if desired), 

Cufflinks available for purchase, discounted to $35 with the tail suit.

Includes Free Domestic Shipping. Please visit us at one of our vendings if you wish to be personally measured by our professional staff.

Please allow 4-12 weeks for the hand-production of your custom made tail suit.

VEdance standard tail suits and smooth suits are bespoke garments. We take the fit very seriously and we recommend either seeing us at competition vending or scheduled appointments to be personally measured and fitted. If you are interested in acquiring state of the art standard and smooth suit for your competition/performance, but are unable to attend one of our vending, we will be happy to schedule an appointment to fly down to your location for a measurement and fitting. Please contact us via our message system.

Additional Info
Neck 36CM 38CM 39CM 40CM 42CM 43CM 45CM
Chest 75CM 85CM 90CM 100CM 105CM 110CM 115CM
Waist 65CM 70CM 80CM 90CM 95CM 100CM 105CM
Height 160CM 165CM 175CM 180CM 185CM 185CM 185CM
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Customized items are produced with your measurement profile to secure the perfect fit. Please make sure that the necessary measurements are supplied and allow 4-12 weeks for production.

No returns