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Mens Ballroom Smooth Set Shirt Vest and Pants

Design Details

Every male ballroom dancer needs this set. Great for competitions. Great for showcases and performances. Great for going out dancing looking sharp.

All of our signature VEdance men's wear in one bundle. Our standard and smooth shirt, plus our VEdance Master Smooth Vest, and plus our VEdance Classic dance pants. You will be incredibly pleased with the quality of our product and your look. Save close to $120 dollars for the set! 

Choose size for the shirt and vest, and then choose your waist size for the pants. 

All pants comes with 120CM length. Hem as needed.

Our pants measurements are precise. 

Do NOT use your regular pants size for selection. Grab a tape measure and measure your waist for the pants. This will save you tens of dollars on returns and exchanges. 

Enjoy this set, and let us know if you get into the finals of a competition!

Additional Info
Neck 36CM 38CM 39CM 40CM 42CM 43CM 45CM
Chest 75CM 85CM 90CM 100CM 105CM 110CM 115CM
Waist 65CM 70CM 80CM 90CM 95CM 100CM 105CM
Height 160CM 165CM 175CM 180CM 185CM 185CM 185CM
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  • 94 cm
  • 104 cm
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Customized items are produced with your measurement profile to secure the perfect fit. Please make sure that the necessary measurements are supplied and allow 4-12 weeks for production.

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