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Contra Pro

International Dance Shoes

Design Details

The 'Contra Pro' is an upgrade to the world's top Men’s Standard Ballroom shoe, the 'Contra'. It’s a Split-Sole Standard shoe, engineered under the guidance of the world’s top Professionals and Amateurs. Now it features the added sole lip on the inside edge of the foot for less sticking, a smoother glide on the inside of the foot and extra protection for the Patent material.

  • Ultra flexible with an innovative Split-Sole design
  • New sole design for longer lasting Patent protection,smoother glides and less sticking
  • New heel design bringing sole material over the back of the heel, offering a smoother drag and greater protection
  • Lightweight
  • Gel padding for enhanced support and comfort

Worn by: Arunas Bizokas (USA & World Professional Ballroom Champion), Warren Boyce (UK Professional Ballroom Champion), He Chong (China Amateur Ballroom Champion), Alex Gunnarsson (UK Amateur Ballroom Finalist), Szymon Kulis (Poland Amateur Ballroom Finalist), Ben Taylor (UK Amateur Ballroom Finalist), Eric Voorn (Netherlands Senior Ballroom Champion), Glenn Boyce (UK Junior Ballroom & Ten-Dance Champion).

If you would like a colored sole, please email for more information.

International Dance Shoes are all hand-made to perfection in Great Britain.

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American  66.5  77.5  88.5  99.5 1010.5  1111.5  1212.5
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  • Lycra
  • Patent
  • Leather
  • Nubuck

  • BR 9
  • BR 11
  • BR 7
  • BR 10.5
  • BR 6.5
  • BR 8.5
  • BR 10
  • BR 12
  • BR 6
  • BR 8
  • BR 9.5
  • BR 11.5
  • BR 5.5
  • BR 7.5

  • Medium
  • Narrow ($+3.00)
  • Wide plus ($+3.00)
  • Wide ($+3.00)

  • 1 Inch


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Colors: As Pictured
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