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Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes are plentiful online but it is challenge to find the best dance shoes out there when you are just starting out dancing. A well fitted dance shoes can help a dancer dance well into the night without their feet hurting, and our shoes are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. The brand and styles of dance shoes that we carry are made in England, Portugal, Italy, and Germany. VEdance have the largest selection of women’s ballroom shoes in the US, and with thousands of dance shoes in inventory, we are confidant that we can help you find your favorite dance shoes.

Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes comes in mostly 2 inch and 2.5 inch heels, light flesh or medium flesh toned. They are mostly close-toed dance shoes. High quality ballroom dance shoes uses good quality materials and are made with great balance, durability, support, and comfort. 

Art Sport women’s ballroom dance shoes by Ray Rose usually have a shorter delivery period because their womens ballroom shoes are pre made and most selections are readily available for shipment. International Dance Shoes, Supadance, and Dance Naturals women’s ballroom shoes can produce to any specification, however if unavailable, can take up to several weeks for delivery based on the specifications. VEdance stock as many variants of women’s ballroom dance shoes as possible for expedient delivery regardless of brands. 

If you are a serious competitive dancer, or a social dancer with high regards to the ballroom and latin dance shoes you use during dancing, you should consider one of the following women’s ballroom dance shoes. 

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