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Once you have embarked on a ballroom dancer's journey, the first you would need is a set of ballroom dancing attire. Men's ballroom and smooth attire begins with a good pair of men's dance pants, a solid black or white men's dance shirt, and a crisp, well tailored standard ballroom vest, or smooth ballroom vest. The basic men's ballroom and smooth set is a staple to any serious social or competitors wardrobe, each item uniquely made to provide the sharpest lines for the dancer to showcase their movement and elegance. To provide good lines for the dancer, lets start from the bottom of the set with our VEdance Classic men's dance pants. These pants are well made with materials that are durable. The cut is high waisted and the waist belt is strong. The pants have permanent sew on crease so you never have to iron the lines. Moving up the set, we have our VEdance Men's Standard and Smooth shirt. Made from the finest crepe material for softness and comfort. The shirt comes with shorts that prevents the shirt from rising out of the pants and always provides a streamlined flattened, structured upper body look. Over the top, we have our VEdance Classic and Smooth Vests. The shorter vest makes for good Standard presentation, while the longer smooth vests makes for good smooth presentation. Both vests are lined, made with great materials and Craftsmanship. The vest will bring about as much a formal look as one can without custom suits or tail suits. You will be very pleased with the sets here. A bundle that saves $125 when purchased with the smooth set, and a saving of $95 when purchased with the Standard set. 

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