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International Dance Shoes

Heather Split Black Silver Hologram

Design Details

The ‘Heather Split-Sole’ is a split-sole version of International Dance Shoes' traditional teaching and practice shoe and is widely used across all levels of dancing around the world. It offers comfort, stability and value, with added flexibility, which is perfect for a shoe that’s worn more than any other shoe for many dancers. This Black Silver Hologram version is super-soft, ultra comfortable, and perfect for the long hours spent teaching and practicing!

  • Ultra flexible with a split-sole design
  • New heel design bringing sole material over the back of the heel, offering a smoother drag and greater protection
  • Low heel for a broader array of dancing and greater balance
  • Lightweight
  • Gel padding for enhanced support and comfort
  • Adaptable, used for many forms of dance as well as practice and teaching
  • Made in England

This shoe is pictured on the 1.5" Heather heel.

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