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All-Purpose Collector

Design Details

Our new Collector's shirts are only produced a handful of times, each pattern using limited stock Korean velvet that is oh-so-smooth on the inside. Once sold out, they are no longer available. The All-Purpose design is perfect for any occasion. Take them out on the floor or out on the town. We can even make a matching pair for your follow's dress, skirt or top.

Please allow 4-12 weeks for delivery for non-stock sizes. Custom designs and colors may be submitted by email. Stoning includes Preciosa Crystal AB stones but maybe be substituted upon request.

Additional Info
Neck 36CM 38CM 39CM 40CM 42CM 43CM 45CM
Chest 75CM 85CM 90CM 100CM 105CM 110CM 115CM
Waist 65CM 70CM 80CM 90CM 95CM 100CM 105CM
Height 160CM 165CM 175CM 180CM 185CM 185CM 185CM
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Price Return policy Colors Neck
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