Women's Dance Clothing

Dance Clothing for Women on the Ballroom Floor

VEdance hosts many popular dancewear brands for all types of customer needs. We have basic dance leotards for those looking for a classic look as well as gorgeous couture leotards adorned with lace and prints.

Whether you are looking for long ballroom dance skirts, ballet wraps, spicy salsa dresses, bamboo leggings or flowy social tops we can help you find what you are looking for.

At VEdance you will find the items that you need and learn more about the items you did not know you wanted until you see them.

Browsing through the store will bring to surface comfortable leotards to wear at your weekly dance class or under your jeans or skirts for everyday wear. Some of the brands we carry include Ballet Rosa, Capezio, Chrisanne Clover, DSI London, and our own brand VEdance.

For the athletic customer you will find practice wear such as compression shorts, biker suits, wrap skirts, warm ups, spanks, & matching sports bra sets. We have ballet cover-ups, dresses, leotards, pant skirts, leggings, capri pants, and more! The ballroom dancer will feel at home among our many skirts, tops, dresses and leotards.

There's something for everyone here at VE Dance!