We Carry Ballroom Dance Shoes

The types of ballroom dance shoes we carry

Ballroom Shoes VEdance started its services in the dance world via ballroom dancers and we specialize in all things ballroom.

We offer a wide range of Latin, Rhythm, American Smooth and International Standard dance shoes along with the knowledge of what fits best for each style of ballroom dancing.
We have social dance shoes and many practice shoes, from the classic black to many limited prints and fun designs! We are able to find the shoe that fits almost any kind of request; wide, narrow, standard, padded, open toe, practice shoes, ankle straps, 1 inch, 3 inch, black, nude, plain, sparkly, etc.

We carry many exceptional dance brands such as Ray Rose Dance Shoes, Supadance Dance Shoes and International Dance Shoes all from England as well as Dance Naturals Dance Shoes from Italy, Werner Kern from Germany, Capzeio, Ballet Rosa and more. VEdance provides affordable shoes for the dancer who is just starting out and seeking sizing and style advice for their first pair and we also fit professional dancers seeking quality top shelf dance shoes from around the world.

Come on in to find the convenience of sizing and walk out shoes in hand ready for your next social event, performance and competition or dance lesson. You will find our selection and prices are hard to beat in-store and online! Some of our customers drive up to 3 hours to come find their pair of shoes!