Order Item Details

View the item that was ordered

Order Item Details: How to Guide

  Navigating to Order Item Details 

     1.) Click on "Store" in header -> Online Sales

  Using Order Item Details 

    1.) Under each order, the item name will be in red print. Click on the item name. 

    2.) The following will be displayed, starting from top left to bottom right: 

         a.) Order Item Details

             - Top Left: Customer's name, shipping address and phone number 

             - Top Center: Seller name and location 

             - Top Right: Order #, Order Item # and date ordered

         b.) Item Info

             - Center Left: Item category, manufacturer, and item name

             - Center: Item attributes: (Color, material, size, heel height, width, etc.)

             - Center Right: Quantity ordered, cost of item, cost of shipping, delivery time, return policy, and total cost

         c.) Messages, Seller Notes, Order item status and pending actions

             - Bottom of the screen: Box to send a message to the seller, box for seller notes, order item status and pending actions

      How to Cancel an Order

         1.) Click on the red "cancel this order" at the bottom right of screen 


         2.) Type a reason for canceling the order at the bottom of the pop up box followed by date and initials 

         3.) Click the green "Cancel this order" button. The customer will now receive a refund in the form of VEcredit.