Match Restocking

Restock items into the website

Match Restocking: How to Guide

  Navigating to Match Restocking

     1.) Click on "Store" in header -> Store Restocking 

     2.) Click "Match Restockings" on the left side of screen

Match Restocking is used to restock items into the website that have been ordered from a supplier. The items that have been ordered can be seen under Active Restockings:

How to Match Restock Items into the Website 

   1.) Scan item barcode into box at the top of the screen:

  2.) Scan items one by one

      a.) Wait for a couple of seconds after scanning each individual item to verify that an affirmative, high pitched "beep" has sounded - This means that the

item has successfully been scanned in - if it is scanned in, the item will be highlighted in green - skip to step 4 

      b.) If the item is scanned and a lower pitched "beep" has sounded, this means that the item has not scanned in and the barcode needs to be changed

 3.) How to change an item's barcode 

    a.) Even if an item has not been scanned in successfully, it will still appear on the screen after scanning in successful items - the system pulls up the entire order from a 


    b.) Locate item on list and click "EB" (Edit Barcode) in its designated section of the screen 

    c.) Highlight barcode that appears and scan the item into that same box - a notice will appear saying that the barcode has been changed successfully 

    d.) Be sure to return to Match Restock and scan the changed barcode into the box at the top of the screen - it should now scan in successfully with the affirmative beep sound

and item highlighted in green 

 4.) Once all items have been scanned in successfully, verify that the number of items scanned in matches the number at the top of the screen 

 5.) Click the green "Match Restock" button at the bottom of screen - all items are now restocked into the website inventory 

Note: If a scanned item is for a customer, their invoice will pop up immediately after scanning the item - print the invoice (Command -> P)  and set aside with item to ship