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Spandex and Lycra is one and the same clothing material. Spandex is the more generic term to describe the cloth whereas Lycra is one of the most popular brand names of Spandex. In the Northern American regions, spandex is the commonly used term to name the said clothing. But in some nations in Europe, the clothing came to be known popularly as elastane.

Staple fabric for any costume design. Available in matt or lustre, depending on color, in extensive range of colors.

Matt Lycra (spandex) is a type of stretch fiber that can be stretched and expanded to twice its original length – even when stretched repeatedly it will still recover its original length. It is an abrasion-resistant fabric made from 83% polyamide and 17% elastane. Lycra is best for dance leotards and is a fantastic base material to construct garments around on a ballroom or Latin garment.

  • WIDTH: 150cm (60 in)


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  • Lustre Lycra Black
  • Lustre Lycra Blue Paradise
  • Lustre Lycra Blue Zircon
  • Lustre Lycra Blueberry
  • Lustre Lycra Cappuccino
  • Lustre Lycra Champagne
  • Lustre Lycra Cherry Red
  • Lustre Lycra Cobalt
  • Lustre Lycra Cool Aqua
  • Lustre Lycra Coral Twist
  • Lustre Lycra Electric Blue
  • Lustre Lycra Electric Pink
  • Lustre Lycra Flamingo Pink
  • Lustre Lycra Fluorescent Red
  • Lustre Lycra Fuchsia Pink
  • Lustre Lycra Gold
  • Lustre Lycra Hematite
  • Lustre Lycra Hot Magenta
  • Lustre Lycra Jade
  • Lustre Lycra Lilac Dream
  • Lustre Lycra Midnight Sky
  • Lustre Lycra Mocha
  • Lustre Lycra Modena
  • Lustre Lycra Orange
  • Lustre Lycra Pink Fizz
  • Lustre Lycra Pink Tropicana
  • Lustre Lycra Purple Rain
  • Lustre Lycra Red
  • Lustre Lycra Saffron
  • Lustre Lycra Salmon
  • Lustre Lycra Sassy Yellow
  • Lustre Lycra Silver
  • Lustre Lycra Spearmint
  • Lustre Lycra Sugar Pink
  • Lustre Lycra Sunglow
  • Lustre Lycra Tango Flare
  • Lustre Lycra Turquoise
  • Lustre Lycra Tutti Frutti
  • Lustre Lycra Ultra Violet
  • Lustre Lycra White
  • Matt Lycra Aqua
  • Matt Lycra Black
  • Matt Lycra Blue Paradise
  • Matt Lycra Blue Zircon
  • Matt Lycra Blueberry
  • Matt Lycra Candy
  • Matt Lycra Cappuccino
  • Matt Lycra Caramel
  • Matt Lycra Cool Aqua
  • Matt Lycra Cream
  • Matt Lycra Electric Blue
  • Matt Lycra Electric Pink
  • Matt Lycra Emerald
  • Matt Lycra Flamingo Pink
  • Matt Lycra Fluorescent Green
  • Matt Lycra Fluorescent Red
  • Matt Lycra Fuchsia Pink
  • Matt Lycra Hot Magenta
  • Matt Lycra Jade
  • Matt Lycra Jade Green
  • Matt Lycra Lavender
  • Matt Lycra Magenta
  • Matt Lycra Mango
  • Matt Lycra Nude
  • Matt Lycra Orange
  • Matt Lycra Paris Green
  • Matt Lycra Peppermint
  • Matt Lycra Pink Fizz
  • Matt Lycra Pink Tropicana
  • Matt Lycra Purple Rain
  • Matt Lycra Red
  • Matt Lycra Rose PInk
  • Matt Lycra Saffron
  • Matt Lycra Salmon
  • Matt Lycra Sorbet
  • Matt Lycra Sugar Pink
  • Matt Lycra Sunglow
  • Matt Lycra Tango Flare
  • Matt Lycra Tropic Lime
  • Matt Lycra Turquoise
  • Matt Lycra Tutti Frutti
  • Matt Lycra Ultra Violet
  • Matt Lycra White
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